Mike McVey riverboards off the massive 25m Metlako falls

Extreme kayaker and riverboarder Mike McVey took his riverboard off Metlako falls without even looking at it first, in an attempt to break the 20 year old world record for riverboarding waterfall height


Mike McVey drops 14m / 45' Celestial Falls

As a warm-up for his attempt at Metlako, Mike McVey spent a day out at the 45′ Celestial Falls practicing – if you can call having fun hucking yourself off a huge waterfall on a riverboard, practice!

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Road Trip with Bob Lataste

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Tom Paterson Riverboarding Highlights 2014


Straight Outta Wompton - Bodysurfing

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A Riverboarding First – Ottawa River Throwdown

(Above: Tom Paterson airs out a body varial on the Ottawa.) Last week we wrapped up the first annual Ottawa River Throwdown, a riverboarding freestyle event which was the brainchild of Face Level athlete Tom Paterson. Horizon X rafting hooked us up with an ideally...

VIDEO – Asaf Arad riverboarding a 10m waterfall in Kenya

Asaf Arad has been exploring Kenya on his new Fluid Anvil, and he stepped up big to a 10m waterfall. The first go at it landed just a bit flatter than he wanted, but he hiked back up and ran it again until he nailed it perfectly. Related Posts:Interview: Roche’...



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Election day and a better way

There’s a lot of angry words being hurled around as we approach the election – remember that even if you disagree politically, you share a love for sport so get outside and enjoy the fresh air and positive energy

I found a waterfall

It’s always exciting to see what changes the rain brings to normally tranquil streams in the jungle – sometimes the water rises enough to make it runnable

The importance of a network

The college you attend (or don’t) in many ways determines the course of your life – that’s the power of a network, and Face Level brings you a network for your headfirst & horizontal sporting desires

5 Easy Travel Tips for Solo Adventurers

If there’s one challenge that solo adventurers face it’s getting from place to place with all their gear – here are 5 tips Josh has learned for solo travel

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