Jusbyn Lockard riverboarding Gorilla on the Green River Narrows

Tristan Guyard 2014 Highlight Video


Mike McVey drops 14m / 45' Celestial Falls

As a warm-up for his attempt at Metlako, Mike McVey spent a day out at the 45′ Celestial Falls practicing – if you can call having fun hucking yourself off a huge waterfall on a riverboard, practice!

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Road Trip with Bob Lataste

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Tom Paterson Riverboarding Highlights 2014


Straight Outta Wompton - Bodysurfing

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Josh Galt Named to 110 Outdoor Ambassadors List

Josh Galt was named to The Gear Junkie / Wigwam list of 110 Outdoor Ambassadors of the past 110 Years, for his leadership and role as an athlete in the development of the riverboarding industry the past decade.


A Riverboarding First – Ottawa River Throwdown

(Above: Tom Paterson airs out a body varial on the Ottawa.) Last week we wrapped up the first annual Ottawa River Throwdown, a riverboarding freestyle event which was the brainchild of Face Level athlete Tom Paterson. Horizon X rafting hooked us up with an ideally...



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Election day and a better way

There’s a lot of angry words being hurled around as we approach the election – remember that even if you disagree politically, you share a love for sport so get outside and enjoy the fresh air and positive energy

I found a waterfall

It’s always exciting to see what changes the rain brings to normally tranquil streams in the jungle – sometimes the water rises enough to make it runnable

The importance of a network

The college you attend (or don’t) in many ways determines the course of your life – that’s the power of a network, and Face Level brings you a network for your headfirst & horizontal sporting desires

5 Easy Travel Tips for Solo Adventurers

If there’s one challenge that solo adventurers face it’s getting from place to place with all their gear – here are 5 tips Josh has learned for solo travel

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