Holding On – The Movie

I had the opportunity last week to watch “Holding On” a film about the influence of a small tribe of Australian bodyboarders, who came to be known as the Skid Kids, on the sport in their country and internationally. It is a trip down memory lane for anyone who was into bodyboarding in the 1980’s, and for those who weren’t, it provides an interesting insight into the early years of the sport. The movie explores the meteoric rise of bodyboarding in those fledgling years and also the subsequent ‘crash’ of the sport commercially and how it influenced the development of what was at one point the fastest growing sport in the world.

It’s really worth a watch, showing not only great wave riding footage at especially Shark Island, but also giving insight into the lives and minds of the small crew who played a significant role in shaping bodyboarding as we know it today. Watch the Movie Trailer below & be sure to visit the official website here.





Face Level

Face Level is naturally powered sports experienced with forward motion, headfirst & horizontal to gravity. Sports include whitewater riverboarding and hydrospeed, airboarding, bellyak, xledding (headfirst street luge), wingsuit flying, bodyboarding, bodysurfing, diving, snow sledding, skeleton, and more.