Swim Raft

Have you ever seen a Swim Raft before? I’ve known some Riverboarders / Hydrospeeders to construct special hybrid boards to use for lugging gear behind them, but mostly everyone just uses an old board.

There is a man named Haydn Welch in the UK who has some experience making Swim Rafts and is obviously very knowledgeable about water dynamics and materials. Here is a video where Haydn gives us a quick overview of a Swim Raft named Nicola that he made for Dave Cornthwaite.


Maybe just a bit more about Dave Cornthwaite…

He is an adventurer with a bunch of achievements behind his name. He used the Swim Raft when he swam 1000 miles down the Missouri River. I’m posting in a short video about the swim below, its really worth watching.



To watch more videos of Dave, go to this YouTube Channel here.

Face Level

Face Level is naturally powered sports experienced with forward motion, headfirst & horizontal to gravity. Sports include whitewater riverboarding and hydrospeed, airboarding, bellyak, xledding (headfirst street luge), wingsuit flying, bodyboarding, bodysurfing, diving, snow sledding, skeleton, and more.