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4 year old Josh Galt launching off a jump in Canada on a Krazy Karpet

FLI was created by Josh Galt, an artist, athlete, & entrepreneur who had focused his attention on traditional American team sports while growing up, but was always fascinated by the outdoors and particularly moving water.

Yet without even realizing what it was all about, he had started his face level journey at around age 4, sliding headfirst on snow on slick sheets of hard plastic known locally in central British Columbia as Krazy Karpets.


Headfirst tubing in frigid water as a teenager – a dime-store lifejacket but no helmet, pads, wetsuit, or fins…but a legit rapid and the Josh face!

Headfirst whitewater inner-tubing started around a decade later and quickly led to building and buying more aerodynamic boards, as the tubes were not quite the ride that Josh and his brother Peter were looking for.

After some communication with Bob Carlson via AOL emails, the search for more info about the sport spread out across the fledgling internet, and it was Raphael Besson’s website Dreamnev.org that was the catalyst for the birth of FaceLevel.com and Face Level Industries.

Dreamnev was all in French, so Face Level was created with the intention of promoting the sport in English and meeting other people who riverboarded as well.

As the entity has evolved over the years the vision has maintained a consistent theme – to participate in and promote all of the sports done at face level.

The definition of face level sports is: “naturally powered sports that are experienced with forward motion, headfirst & horizontal to gravity.”


Face Level Sports

[tabgroup title=”This industry includes Air, Snow, Road, River, Wave, Sea, Sail, and Ice sports, including:”]

Wingsuit Flying Tracking Hang Gliding

Airboarding Snow Bodyboarding Hammerhead Sledding

Riverboarding (Hydrospeed / Sledge / Nage en eau vive) Bellyak

Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving


Olympic Skeleton


At present, FLI is focused primarily on the river, snow, and street sports (Riverboarding, Bellyak, Airboarding, Xledding) while waxing nostalgic about the days of GoPro superstar Neil Amonson and his FLI wingsuit.