MS Pipe Invitational is on!

The most exciting event in recent years in the sport of bodyboarding has just begun. The Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational Event is on and the surf is pumping!

Fifty Foot!

A few guys having a lot of fun slipping & sliding over a 50 foot cliff-face into deep dark water.


Prior to setting off, a route, which is to be covered snorkeling and freediving within several days, is determined. Equipped with a waterproof and floatable backpack, the seatrekkers travel along the coastlines, exploring and discovering nature – below the water surface as well as above. The nights are spent ashore on the beach beneath the stars.

Would you go?

Following the flow of the water through storm-water drains.

River Run Wave Fun!

A great short movie showing the adventure and fun that can be had just by adding water.

Urban Boogie

Guys taking bodyboards where they’ve never been before and living to tell the story.

Why we do it.

A little gem of a video about two older guys who are just stoked to be out there and riding waves.

Swimming in Hitler’s Submarine Tunnels

Did you know that it is possible to go on swimming tours through submarine tunnels, built by Hitler’s forces in the Second World War, in Croatia which was part of former Yugoslavia?

Go with the Flow

Flowriding is an interesting mix of various wave riding disciplines. The best riders are able to seamlessly switch between riding prone, drop-knee and standing. There are many great videos of Flowriders doing some amazing things, but to whet your appetite here is a...

The other guy…

Mike Horn is credited with running many waterfalls in the 90’s, but he wasn’t alone – so who is the other guy with him?

A Riverboarding First – Ottawa River Throwdown

(Above: Tom Paterson airs out a body varial on the Ottawa.) Last week we wrapped up the first annual Ottawa River Throwdown, a riverboarding freestyle event which was the brainchild of Face Level athlete Tom Paterson. Horizon X rafting hooked us up with an ideally...