Elite Team Athletes


2013 Riverboarding World Champion

One of the most successful French hydrospeeders of the past several decades, Bob has been winning races since he was a child, and claimed his first World Championship in Indonesia. He finished 2nd overall in 2015.

Tristan Guyard
2015 Riverboarding World Champion

Tristan took home the gold in Guatemala, winning his first World Championship after placing 3rd in Indonesia. Along with being fast, he has taken freestyle to steep creeking, and has quickly progressed at freestyle surfing.

Tom Paterson
Freestyle Riverboarder

The undisputed king of the world when speaking of freestyle riverboarding, Tom – along with his constant companion and brother Jon – has changed the sport in new and innovative ways the past several years, throwing never-before seen aerials on monster waves in Canada.

Asaf Arad
Globetrotting Riverboarder

He’s the life of the party and an experienced river explorer as well, and the ideal person to set out on a cross-continent journey promoting the sport of riverboarding. Asaf’s Babylon Tour is bringing the world together one riverboarder at a time.


The FLI Elite Team currently consists of 4 whitewater athletes who are all Riverboarders, each with a unique specialty within the sport.

Face Level’s elite team athletes are chosen based on their body of work, passion for their sport, and visibility + influence in the industry.

Character is an important aspect of everyone representing Face Level, as it always has been, and just like the athletes in the past these gents are inspiring human beings and all-around good guys, as well as being the best at what they do on the water.


Because we didn’t want to call them the “advanced” team, as in, advanced in age! But these four have been around for many years and have been a vital part of the development of both Face Level as a brand and the sport of riverboarding as a whole.


Charl van Rensburg

He’s a former professional bodyboarder and a highly experienced extreme riverboarder who looks like Clark Kent. Need we say more?

Alicia Anne
Aqua Chic

She’s a firefighter / EMT by trade, and an experienced Riverboarder, Airboarder, and Skydiver – and raft guide, climber, scuba diver…basically, she’s a total badass.

Jusbyn Lockard

An extreme riverboarder and kayaker, Jusbyn has run the Green River and Gorilla more than any other riverboarder, and is well respected in the SE whitewater scene. He once competed for a spot on the Olympic team for Taekwondo, and is a laugh riot for any group he’s with!

Josh Galt

The founder of Face Level.


mahina-flihat-editedWe get a lot of requests from people wanting Face Level hats, shirts, stickers, etc…and they’re coming! Boardshorts and other apparel will be available to pre-order in the coming weeks.

So if you’re interested in rocking the gas mask logo and representing Face Level, let’s talk! We’re looking for people just like you who love your sport, are a good influence on your friends, and want to represent Face Level while doing whatever sport it is that you do.

We’re also looking for people who love creating, whether it’s writing, photography, video, etc, as we are always looking to publish interesting and entertaining content having to do with sports done headfirst & horizontal to gravity.

So you don’t have to be base jumping from tall cliffs or riverboarding thousands of kilometers to be a FLI ambassador – you can just capture those moments visually or with the written word instead.

Contact us using the form below and let’s team up to create something amazing!

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