1-Way JetRescue Communications Kit


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PLEASE NOTE: The price shown for this system is a starting point. The actual price will depend on many variables, including the make/model of your radio. Please call for a quote on a system to meet your needs.

The Darth$aver Receive-Only System features:

  • Bone conduction speakers.
  • Professional radio claw adapters.
  • Examples are shown with waterproof PVC bag with sealed-in cable; a waterproof bag is recommended, but not required with waterproof radio.

The principle of the Darth$aver Receive-Only System is the use of external Bone Transducers combined with the internal microphone and push-to-talk button of the radio. This is a passive addition to the radio. With the radio inside the radio bag, this system is ready for the aquatic environment.

Bone Interface Transducers

Aquatic environmental noise levels can be very high and distracting. Wind alone can prevent the hearing of vital radio communication. Introduced noise from helicopter rotors and power craft engines also introduces barriers to effective communication. To overcome such problems, JetRescue developed bone transducers that transmit vibrational sound energy to the auditory bone receptors through the bone structure of the skull. It is now possible to wear auditory protection in the ear canal and still hear perfect spoken communication through the Bone Interface Transducers. The cheekbone just in front of the ears is a perfect location for the bone transducers.

Radio Attachment Compatibility

Each manufacturer of two-way radios has selected a different method of connecting their accessory to the radio. These connectors are selected for different reasons and some radios require more connection for different functionality. Some manufacturers even offer adapters that can use standard accessories to allow an easy changeover between new and old models. JetRescue has Radio Interface ‘CLAW’s for hundreds of different types and brands of radios that are available for use with the Darth$aver Receive-only and 2-Way Systems.

Please note:

  • Please specify your radio make and model.
  • Gath Gedi or Surf Convertible EN1385 approved helmet is ordered separately.
  • Factory installation of comm kit in helmet.
  • This is a special order item.

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