Barz Sport Goggles with White Junior Handmade Frames (Standard Lenses)


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Barz Junior handmade frames have a narrow, fixed-width nosebridge to fit smaller faces and are fitted with polycarbonate lenses. Barz handmade frames are made of cellulose acetate (a cotton derivative) and are available in white only. Handmade frames are perfect for fitting with prescription lenses.

Who Benefits from Barz Sport Goggles?

Barz Sport Goggles offer maximum protection from dust or spray, sun and wind for kiteboarders or windsurfers, motorcycle and PWC riders, sailors, and surfers. Participants of many other activities will also benefit from Barz: mountain bike, sky dive, glacier climbing, skiing and snowboarding, water skiing and wakeboarding, power boating, rescue services, Navy Seals, those in sand storms, and trekkers. Anyone who suffers from dry eyes (especially those with Sjogren’s syndrome) will also find Barz extremely beneficial.

What’s Included with Junior Barz Sport Goggles?

  • Narrow, fixed-width nosebridge to fit smaller faces.
  • Hypoallergenic gaskets– one pair of vented gaskets are installed on the goggles and one pair of sealed gaskets are also included in the kit.
  • A sturdy leash to wear around your neck.
  • A neoprene case to protect and store your Barz sport goggles.

Prescription Lens Option

Prescription lenses are available for most prescriptions. Please see item #52-3100RX below.

This item is limited to stock on hand.