Darkfin Silicon Spray


If you use wetsuits or Darkfin gloves the Darkfin silicone spray will assist with making dry entry so much smoother and easier – just spray and pull on!

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Darkfin Silicone lubricant spray works great when used as an anti-friction aid to help apply Darkfin rubber products and wetsuits, which is extremely helpful! Just spray a small amount on your hands or skin and spread with a rubbing motion.

Darkfin Silicone spray is made from food grade silicone and comes in a handy 2oz, non-aerosol, pump spray/mist bottle.

The spray also helps lubricate, protect and prevent corrosion and oxidation from salt water exposure on:

  • O-rings
  • All rubber products
  • Vinyl products
  • Zippers
  • Metal products

Sorry this item is not available for sale outside of the US.