Hydro Tech 2 Fins

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The Hydro Tech 2 Fins, also known as T2’s, are an upgrade of the tried and tested Hydro Tech Fins. The most obvious difference is that they are made of molded silicone, as opposed to the rubber of its predecessors.

The silicone gives the fins its unique opaque look and provides the rider with unparalleled comfort. The one draw-back is that, unlike rubber fins, silicone fins do not float.

The fins are foot neutral, meaning that any fin fits on any foot, which results in them being slightly wider than most other fins, adding to their comfort. T2’s are designed to not only to flex laterally but also to twist during both up and down kick, optimising efficiency while minimising effort.

Hydro Tech T2 fins are the trusted choice of Riverboarders around the world.