Ultra-Light Paddler Medical Kit


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Most car accidents happen within 10 miles of home, boating is no different. Accidents can happen on even the shortest of day outings so be prepared with the Ultra-Light Paddler Medical Kit.

    • Features first aid supplies, gear repair, and survival items for your day trips.
    • Includes waterproof, windproof “Storm” matches that light anywhere, whatever the weather!
    • Duct tape for multi-purpose repairs and a comprehensive first aid package that will keep you fixed up and on the water.
    • The modules are stored in a tough 70-denier urethane-coated dry bag.
    • Field medical kits contain tools and supplies which can be helpful for providing care to ill or injured people. These kits are not a substitute for professional medical care. Please obtain current first-aid and CPR training from a credible source to learn how to properly utilize the contents of medical kits.

Here is a list of items contained inside the NRS Medical Kits.


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