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We have begun taking orders for the shipment of Anvil Riverboards and other FLUID Kayaks boats and products from South Africa – scheduled to arrive in North America in April of 2019.


As with our last shipment, pre-orders will be taken in the months previous to the February 15th, 2019 deadline. No orders will be processed after this date.

The cost of the Anvil for the 2019 shipment is as follows:

Single Color: $450.00USD
Color-Blend: $550.00USD

Any orders of 5 units or more will be granted a 10% discount.

Payment must be made in full in order to secure an order and a place in the shipment.

Initial payment does not include shipping from our storage to the final destination within North America. This cost will be calculated and invoiced to the customer for payment via Paypal upon arrival of the shipment to the US. Once this is paid in full, FaceLevel will ship the order out and the customer will receive a tracking number.

This time around, FaceLevel has teamed up with FLUID Kayaks to provide a few new aesthetic and practical options for Anvil users:

COLOR-COMBO; a two-color blend option: choose any two available colors to blend and create your own personalized Anvil color scheme.

The color combo incurs an additional cost of $100.00USD.

Available Colors: Red, Blue, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, *Grey, *White
( *color-combo only )

The location of the colors in the blend is not controllable so there is no way of knowing beforehand exactly how the final product will look or where the blending lines and color spaces will occur on the board. One thing is for sure – it will be a unique design.

HATCH or HATCHLESS; the original Anvil model comes with a storage-hatch in the center console. This is a feature that many people really like and use a lot, while others not at all.

This time, we are offering our customers the chance to get rid of the hatch altogether.

If you do not think you will use the storage space and/or do not want to deal with possibly having to seal the hatch in the future, simply point out in your order that you would like the Hatchless Option and we will send you the relevant maintenance information.



Every Anvil purchased will come with an extra drain-plug.


Once payment is made and the order confirmed there will be no refunds.

In general terms, the shipment is aimed to arrive in the United States some time in mid April, 2019. The exact date of arrival is not yet known and may vary slightly – this is due to the nature of international shipping and the process of customs clearance. FaceLevel Industries, Fluid Kayaks and all other parties involved in the shipping and delivery of the Anvils will be doing our utmost to make sure this all happens as quick and efficiently as possible, but we do ask for your patience in the matter.

When you are ready to order, please send an email to:

Please include the following information:

– Full name
– Email address
– Contact phone number
– Shipping address
– Number of Units to Order – Color of Ordered Units

Please state if unit is:

– ‘Single Color’ or ‘Color-Blend’ (specify colors)

– ‘Hatch’ or ‘Hatchless’

Once the order is processed you will receive an invoice for payment via Paypal to the email address you have provided.

For further information or questions regarding the 2019 North America bound shipment from FLUID Kayaks in South Africa, please contact us via email at


Purple / Blue Color-Combo